Two (2) Steps Make More Profits New Transaction(s) Module

Record and Verify New business Transaction(s) after every successful business dealings with any Make More Profits business partner.

Note to all users:

Step 1:-TRANSACTION RECORDING: You can record your Business Transactions without Offer Verification Password if the Offer Manager you patronized is not physically present with you. But don't forget to Request for your Distance Customer Pass Code from the Business Offer Manager immediately after Recording Transaction.

Step 2:-DISTANCE CUSTOMER PASSCODE:Authenticate your recorded transaction immediately with your Distance Customer Passcode collected from the patronized Business Partner or Offer Manager by selecting "Distance Customer Passcode Authentication" from the drop down menu.

TRANSACTION CONTINUATION RECORDING:Select "Transaction Continuation" option if you have your Transaction Continuation Passcode from the Patronized Business Partner or Offer Manager to complete the payment of your outstanding balance of a previously recorded transaction.

INCOME CALCULATOR:Search for any Business Partner Offer Number or Handle and select an option either as a Field Staff or Sales Consultant to calculate your expected income for that particular Offer.

Record New Transaction

Complete the form below and click to record your transactions. For any transaction with a bank, insurance company, investment agencies etc, please use the same figure for Total Transaction Amount and the Amount Paid. Items marked * are required!

Business Partner's Offer ID or Handle *
Business Partner's Offer Verification Password
Sales Consultant's ID or Handle *
Total Transaction Amount (in offer currency) *
Amount Paid *
Customer's Name
Customer's Email *
Customer's Phone Number