It is hightime we gave another definition to the term "education". To some people, education borders on

going to school, acquiring degrees and working for a company to earn a salary at the end of the


My dear readers, education goes beyond acquiring certificate, "we must redefine education"....

Education teaches you about how to make rules, break rules, and challenge an ongoing trend, school

teaches you about how to follow rules, live by the rules, and live an ongoing trend unchallenged,

thereby limiting that power of creativity in you.

Have you witnessed a scenerio whereby you asked a Maths lecturer about how he arrived at a certain

formula, and he tells you "that is how it is done"?, and mind you, if you do anything FAIL

his exam, therefore you must follow the rules.

A truly educated man is he who has developed the faculties of his mind to follow his passion, find

solutions where there are problems without following the rules, but creates his own ways through his

deep imagination to achieve his dreams.

Checkout most of the world's richest people today, they are mostly school dropouts. Do you think they

are not educated because they are school dropouts? Far from it! They are really educated in their own

ways, they simply decided to build their own dreams rather than allow themselves to be hired by other

people to builld theirs.

So many people spend their precious years in school only to end up acquiring cerificate NOT


Examples of these people include:

1) * People who don't practise what they learn in school before graduation.

As a student of Computer Science, how many codes have you written that worked? Have you been able

to (in reality) write a program that solves the problem of an organisation?

As a student of Business Administration, how many businesses have you started? How many times

have you exprienced failiure in business, and rise again?

So, are you putting what you are learning in school into practice?

The school will not give or teach you these orientation but education will.

2)*People who have no SKILLS...successful people don't depend on the government of their country to

provide jobs for them. A truly educated person has skills, an uneducated fellow can only boast of his

certificate without any skills to back it up.

True education lies in the abilty to solve problems with the skills you possess.....what are you waiting

for? STAND UP NOW, do not procrastinate, learn a skill you are passionate about.

What am I advocating?

This writeup is not in anyway articulated to undermine the importance of schooling...Going to school is

very important but our mindset about school is what we are advised to change.


As written by Genius (menzo4u)


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