There's a very BIG difference between A Self-Employed Person and an Employee. In life we make our choices to decide where we want, our current actions to lead us to in the future.  Below are the Major differences they won't teach you in school.  

* A Self-Employed Person decides his future, profit, time, happiness, duties and a whole lot of others. While on the other hand, an Employee allows his boss to decide his income, time, schedule and sometimes even happiness.

* A Self-Employed Person craves for Freedom while an Employee craves for Security. Don't forget the people in prisons are the ones provided with the maximum security. Meaning while A Self-Employed Person is absolutely free in his decisions and movements, an Employee his restricted in his.  

* A Self-Employed Person pays himself first before being is rents, suppliers, tax, salaries and wages, bills and others, while on the other hand, an Employee is being paid last (salary) at the end of the month.  

* A Self-Employed Person is some cases are the last to arrive at his place of work and the first to leave. While employees are always the first to arrive and definitely the last to leave.  

* A Self-Employed Person decide the feature of their workers I.e, working hours, salary, benefits, queries, assignments etc. The Employees sit down and let a fellow man decide how the feature looks like.  

* The 80/20 Principal: A Self-Employed Person just does 20% of the total work of his organization but takes home 80% of the profit at the end of the day. While on the other hand, the employee who does 80% of the work takes home only 20% of the profit.

 * While a Self-Employed Person HATES weekends, public holidays and nonworking days and always look forward to Mondays and working days, the employee on the other hand looks forward to weekends, public holidays, strikes etc, and usually hates Sunday evenings and the break of each morning.  

* A Self-Employed Person is risk taker who have dared to thread the path other are scared of which have made him/her stronger, more experienced and determined. On the other hand, Employees are scared to take risk for fear of failure which have made them to be timid, extremely humble, uncertain and most times unhappy.  

* A Self-Employed Person main aim is to make Profit. When, how, or who will get the job done is mostly not his concern. All that's matters to him is to make Profit and all cost. The Employees on the other hand bothers himself about when, how and who will get the job done but all been looks forward to is the 'fixed' salary he/she gets at the end of the day.  

* A Self-Employed Person most times is not willing to part with any amount on paying a staff (salary) except of course they are sure of making 10times in value and profit from such staff. Employees should realize no matter how much they are getting as salary, they are being paid way below the value they are adding to the organization.

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