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"MMP Pays 51% of Your initial investment through direct deposit into your bank account, Western Union, MoneyGram or Payoneer."


MMP Business is seeking for Investor(s) for the Sum of 5 Million Dollars, and we are Paying Back with an Amazing 51% Interest Rate straight from Our MILAGPPA (MMP Investors Local And Global Profit Pool Account). The Most Attractive part of MMP Investment Programme is that No Matter the Amount You have, If Your Current Financial Affordability can only get You to invest a Fractional Percentage of the Total 5 Million Dollars Offered, You can be Sure to Earn the Exact same 51% Rate on Your investment.

NOTE: For the sake of Legal Procedures, Your Resident Country's Government Tax Laws Applies to All MMP Investment/Interest Earnings. Some of the NEEDS Listed Below might have been Met already by Other Earlier Investors, thus causing a Reduction in the 5 Million Dollars requested above. To know the Exact Fund Still Needed, please Sign Up for Free to See the Remaining MMP Offers Up for Grabs.

OUR NEEDS: In order for Us to Boost Our over All Efficiency on Our Remarkable Growth and Global Market Penetration, and in accordance with MMP Business Transparency Policy, Below are the necessary Requirements We need the Financial Facility for:

☆ To Withstand Our Already Fast Growing Online Traffic, We need to Acquire More Servers.
☆ To Ensure Constant Quality Service Globally, We need to Boost Our Online Security.
☆ To Grow Bigger, Our Publicity Using Mass Media Promotional Tools is Highly Needed.
☆ For Better Operational Efficiency of Our Staff, Extra Management Training is Needed.
☆ Administrative Staff Financial Motivation (Salaries and Task Efficiency Bonuses).
☆ MMP Staff Official Journeys: MMP's Vehicles , Air Transportation, Accommodation, etc.
☆ Recruitment Centers for MMP Informative Workshop and Seminars to Raise Awareness.
☆ Getting Respected Personalities for Jobs Empowerment Speaking at Our Event Centers.
☆ Better Office Environment: Renting , Buying of Office Equipments and  Stationeries.
☆ Contingency.
☆ MMP Software Applications Developments.
☆ Required Third Parties Utility Software.
☆ MMP Promotional, Informative and Awareness Videos.

OUR PROMISE TO OUR INVESTORS: After Your initial Investment, MMP will continue to Remit Your Fair Share of MILAGPPA Earnings into Your MMP eWallet Account. Your fair share is calculated based on the ratio of your investment based on MMP expected total investment value in your desired country of investment. The good news is that your Investment Earnings can be withdrawn at any time You Choose and from anywhere Until We Fulfill Our Promise of paying your initial investment and additional Extra 51% of Same amount You Invested.

MILAGPPA (MMP Investors Local and Global Profit Pool Account) is at the Very Heart of Our Revenue Generating System, so as long as MMP continue to Run Business, and as long as People Exchange their Cash for Products and Services, You will continue to Earn. MMP will continue to be in Business; therefore, you will earn what was Promised You!

To Invest in MMP now, Sign Up Below, and be Sure to Get good return on your investment as MMP Grows Globally:

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