On this Platform, We give You the endless Opportunity to freely - Tell the World about the Products or Services You have; and what You are willing to give as Commission Rewards to Everyone that sends Your Business More Customers.

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Get your business more customers and increase your profits

We Create continuous income for all...

Introducing "Make More Profits", an Opportunity to Get Your Business More Customers.

We understand your constant need for more customers to patronize your business, and this can't be over emphasized since it leads to higher profits for Your Business. We have carefully innovated a business tool that will help your business to extremely enlarge your sales and marketing capabilities at Zero or No financial cost on your Business, to give you strategic advantage in the midst of Your competitors.


Business Partnership Consultant

If You believe that Your Social influence can Successfully Navigate the Bureaucracy of Business Organizations that are looking for how they will Expand their Sales and Marketing Capabilities through Internet Technology and Get More Customers.Read More...

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Business Partner

Join over 18,000 Business Partners (banks, Insurance Companies, SMEs etc) on this platform currently benefitting from Make More Profits. Simply setup an offer and tell the world your reward system!

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Sales Consultant

Are you worried your marketing potentials are underutilized by your present employer? Do you wish to earn your current salary while you work from home? Read More... Sign Up Now

Field Staff

Imagine you manage a Business Partner account profile that does 1 million transactions daily on Make More Profit. We pay you a life time 1% of our earning on this platform. As we grow, you also grow.

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Note to all users:

Step 1:- TRANSACTION RECORDING: You are required mandatorily to record all Make More Profits Business Transactions on this platform. You can do same without Offer Verification Password if the Offer Manager you patronized is not physically present with you. But don't forget to Request for your Distance Customer Pass Code from the Business Offer Manager immediately after Recording Transaction.

Step 2:- DISTANCE CUSTOMER PASSCODE: Authenticate your recorded transaction immediately with your Distance Customer Passcode collected from the patronized Business Partner or Offer Manager by selecting "Distance Customer Passcode Authentication" from the drop down menu.

TRANSACTION CONTINUATION RECORDING: Select "Transaction Continuation" option if you have your Transaction Continuation Passcode from the Patronized Business Partner or Offer Manager to complete the payment of your outstanding balance of a previously recorded transaction.

FS & SC INCOME CALCULATOR: Use the search icon tool on the menu above to search for any Business Partner Offer Number or Handle and select an option either as a Field Staff(FS) or Sales Consultant(SC) to calculate your expected income for that particular Offer.

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