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  • We have excellent attention to details in handling Our Customers.

We have excellent attention to details in handling Our Customers.
Get Us Customers that wants Fixed Deposit and Loans.
Potential Customer(s) Target: Every One
Rating : 1 star(s)
Offer Managers Email : cyberplusoperations@gmail.com
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»  Banking Services
»  Finance Company
»  Financial and Investment Advisers
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Five(5) Stars Make More Profits rating means this Business Offer is very responsive in paying our Sales Consultants the below promised commission reward. While One(1) star rating means either the below offer is newly setup or not fully proven!

1. Make More Profits automatically selects higher reward value for our Sales Consultants between fixed commission and percentage commission set by Business Partners for any Offer Worldwide.

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We have excellent attention to details in handling Our Customers.
Business Class 1: When the Customer(s) You Refer, Do Businesss Transaction With Us Worth Between ₦ - ₦
You Will Recieve From Us 5% Of The Transaction Amount As Commission

Extra Condition(s): When you make 1,000,000 Naria from Us, we will give you extra 200,000 Naira.

Sales Consultants Marketing And Promotional Statements To Potential Customers

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Total Sales Consultants Fee Paid: ₦0.00

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Make More Profits Business Partner provides Training for Sales Consultants.

Note: You must be a registered Sales Consultant to qualify to be shortlisted for the training. Training support includes in-house training, tutorials, emails of products and service descriptions, newsletters, Power Point presentations, videos etc to arm you with required skills and knowledge to effectively promote this business offer and earn more money as a Sales Consultant.

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